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Gillian Conoley Receives Shelley Memorial Poetry Award in NYC

Poet Gillian recieved the Shelley Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America in recognition of a body of work at mid-career, at the National Arts Club in Grammery Park on March 29, 2017.  Molotov Editions is the proud publisher of her recent translation of Tzara's Dada Manifesto, On Feeble Love & Bitter Love, done in limited first edition of 120 copies, signed and numbered.  Gillian is a poet, translator and edtitor,  author of 7 books of poety, including Peace (LA Times Book Finalist), The Plot Genie, Beckon,  and Tall Stranger; translator of Michaux's 1000 Times Breaking, from City Lights; and long time editor of Volt; A Magazine of the Arts.  

She is pictured above, at the ceremony, along with Susan Howe--winner of the prestigious Frost Medal for lifetime achievement in poetry.   Also shown (below) are  Monica Youn, winner of the William Carlos Williams Award, and Jericho Brown, who won the Lyric Poetry Award.

Others here include friends and poets Dale Going, Katie Lederer, Elena Rivera: visual artist Hawley Hussey; crime novelist Domenic Stansberry, and Molotov Collaborator and Assistant Editor Gillis Flavia Stansberry.   

Also, from the night before, Yusef Komunyakka, past Shelley Memorial Award winner, with Gillian at the Zinc Bar near NYU.

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Noir, Dada Annihilation, Theatrical Apocalypse  @ BOOK PASSAGE
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Noir, Dada Annihilation, Theatrical Apocalypse @ BOOK PASSAGE

Molotov Editions comes home to Marin, in an event at Book Passage featuring three titles by writers with deep roots in the North Bay: 2017 Hammett Award Finalist The White Devil from crime novelist Domenic Stansberry, who also won the Edgar a few years back for The Confession, set here in Marin; The Death of Teddy Ballgame, a new play by Robert Mailer Anderson, best selling author of Boonville; and a fresh translation of Tzara's dada manifesto, On Feeble Love & Bitter Love, by poet and translator Gillian Conoley, LA Times Book Finalist and nominee for National Book Critics Circle Award.




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to Nov 13


DADA WORLD FAIR:   Molotov Editions and various collaborators will be on hand for Opening Night Benediction Ceremonies, 7pm, Nov 1: Night # 1 of 13 day Dada World Fair sponsored by City Lights.  The Benediction will include reading of various Dada Manifestos,such as fresh translation/anihilation of ON FEEBLE LOVE AND BITTER LOVE,  by Trista Tzara, published by  Molotov Editions, surrounded, drowned out and made inconsequential by else wise performances and appearances of soon-to-be-dust non-entities in ephemeral corporal form including  the temporarily famous . . .  
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