"In the shadows, the fuse is lit..."

We are a San Francisco
publishing press.

We are from the underworld, the howl of individual expression apart from the mainstream, no matter its genre, using whatever means necessary, affordable, convenient or possible. 

Books are incendiary devices, messages in flaming bottles that ignite the soul, communicated in private, and their mercantile value has little to do with the echo in the canyon.

New from Molotov Editions

This neo-noir thriller stirred controversy when a dissenting judge on the Edgar Award Committee broke with tradition to condemn the selection of this "amoral" novel for Best Paperback Original.

 The novel tells the story of a forensic psychologist accused of strangling his mistress—and does so through the unnerving, charming, intelligent, often unreliable voice of the accused himself.

Originally published in mass paper by Hard Case Crime, this e-book edition from Molotov Editions features a cover photo by Peter Rozovsky, author of  the influential blog Detectives Beyond Borders.


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