• Our titles are available  to the trade through Ingram at short discount, non-returnable.  If you are bookseller, you can get better terms going directly through us, as specified below.
  •  Special Events Discount at 40%, unsold stock returnable by arrangement.
  • Partner Booksellers:  Because we print in short runs, we cannot offer the same large amounts of stock with unlimited returns as larger publishers.  However, as stock and circumstances allow, we do work with partner bookstores to provided  our books at standard 40% discount, returns accepted.   If you are interested in working with us as a partner bookstore, please contract us at
  • Consignment.  We do not sell on consignment.  
  • For more info:



  • Titles available through select brick and mortar independents, online bookstores, and this website.
  • For now, order buttons on this site link to Amazon.  We hope to have our own web store in the future.
  • We support independent bookstores.  In the Bay Area, our books are generally available through City Lights, Green Apple, and Bookpassage.  We are working to expand this list.  If your favorite independent does not have our books in stock, most will special order thru Ingram.


 MOLOTOV EDITIONS started as an in-house, studio imprint, and maintains that basic character.  We publish on an occasional basis, drawing mostly from in-house, staff generated projects, but with an eye toward reaching into other realms as resources and time permit.  

We will have an open reading period this year starting February 1, 2017.  Send a concise cover letter and a portion of the mss, no more than 10 pages.   Our tastes are eclectic, and we are interested in work that may or may not not fit into the usual categories.

It may take us awhile to get back to you.    We do not respond to queries about the status of unsolicited mss. sent to us during open reading.   

Submit at:

Additional Note: If you submit through any other than the address above, your submission may not make it to the editors.