Inside Out(side): Hawley Hussey & Bill Brovold, Alleycat Gallery, SF

Hussey and Brovold juxtapose the outer and inner in SF Alleycat Gallery Show intermingling  Hussey's Hanging Botanicals with Brovold's Peephole Boxes and Magical Instruments.

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Wildflower Botanical Paintings and Woodcuts: Hawley Hussey

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Brovold's Peephole Boxes alongside Hussey's Wildflower Hangings.  The Peephole Boxes give glimpses into inner worlds: Backyard Croquet: Disco Constellations: Fred Flintstone Receding into Infinity.

LEFT BELOW: Musical Instrument: Hollowed Tree, Piano/Guitar Strings wiht Frets:  on wood stand played spontaneously with help of pivot device: Brovold  

(Photos: Domenic Stansberry)

RIGHT ABOVE Detail Botanical Painting, Hussey.  

LEFT TO RIGHT: Detail Wildflower Woodcut: Peephole into Hanging Room; Wildflower Painting: Marbles Rolling Down Strings in Hollow Tree Instrument

Opening Night at Alleycat Gallery, on 24th Street In San Francisco's Mission District, behind Alleycat Books.


 All photos Domenic Stansberry