MOLOTOV NEWSWIRE  :  After 58 Years, First U.S. Reviews of Cooper's THE SYNDICATE: Read the latest news on this rediscovered classic here.  

Lost mid-century noir  from a seminal writer in black crime fiction, Clarence Cooper Jr.  First U. S. publication under Cooper's real name.  Afterword by Gary Phillips (The Obama Inheritance) with fresh biographical material on Cooper.  Hard-hitting, relentless story plunging into the psycho-sexual depths of a ruthless enforcer sent to retrieve syndicate money.

"One of the most underrated writers in America, a Richard Wright of the revolutionary era."  Black World/Negro Digest
“The man who should  have been the black William Burroughs.” GQ
“Not even Nelson Algren’s Man with the Golden Arm burned with [this] ferocious actuality.” New York Herald-Tribune

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"The U. S. landscape as gangscape, littered with the twisted & damaged psyche of a game rigged to take out all its players. A perversely brilliant celebration of the long downhill slide." Peter Maravelis,  Editor of San Francisco Noir.