“Molotov Editions’ reissue of Cooper’s classic take of criminals and shake dancers, The Syndicate, is a wonderful first step in restoring the crime community’s knowledge of a long forgotten writer, and one of the premiere African-American voices in the genre."

 “Utterly fascinating . . . We find ourselves inside the mind of a brutal killer, who knows that there's something wrong with him . . . It's this mix of Sorrell's battles with his own inner demons and the external forces that makes this book unique in a big way . . . well worth the attention of any crime fiction reader that enjoys dark, deep, and gritty.” Crime Segments,  Nancy Oakes,

“One of the most underrated writers in America, a Richard Wright of the revolutionary era.” Black World/Negro Digest

“Tough and unrelenting . . . A hard boiled barnburner.”   Unlawful Acts, David Nemeth

“There aren’t many books that grab you from the first line and don’t let go. There are even fewer books that repulse you from the first line, making you want to throw the book away immediately. The Syndicate somehow manages to do both.”

'A perversely brilliant celebration of the long downhill slide.” Peter Maravelis, Editor San Francisco Noir.

“Like James Baldwin, Cooper aimed to be far more than just a black writer who wrote for black readers – and he had the talent to do it . . . The Syndicate is an unusual, potent mix of brutal, fast-paced 1950s pulp noir seasoned with a dash of William Burroughs style surrealism and homoerotic undertones . . . Highly recommended.” Internet Review of Books, Eric Peterson

After 58 Years, First U.S. Reviews on Cooper's The Syndicate

Clarence Cooper Jr.'s noir novel, The Syndicate, first appeared in the U.S in 1960, published under pseudonym, but it wasn't until a few days ago that the first U.S. reviewers took notice of the book, including Nancy Oakes at her well-regarded blog, Crime Segments, and Eric Peterson at The Internet Review of Books.

Both reviewers praise the re-release by Molotov Editions as a discovery of a lost classic, from an under-appreciated African-American novelist whose work, as Oakes notes in her review, has received virtually no attention in scholarly references, gaining only passing mention even in "Justin Gifford's  excellent Pimping Fictions: African-American Crime Literature and the Untold Story of Black Pulp Publishing,  devoted to the works of blacks in the genre." Both Oakes and Peterson likened Cooper to other more well known black writers, inside and outside the genre, while examining the startling depths of this forgotten noir. 

"The Syndicate is  beyond raw, reaching down into the grittiest depths of darkness," writes Oakes, referring to the twisting plot and character who narrates the tale.  "it's what's happening within that is utterly fascinating.  We find ourselves inside the mind of a brutal killer, who knows that there's something wrong with him....This lost crime classic is well worth the attention of any crime fiction reader."

Eric Peterson in The Internet Review of Books,  writes that Cooper "deserves a place alongside his contemporaries James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Ralph Ellison."

"The Syndicate is an old-school noir crime thriller narrated by a killer," writes Peterson, "an unusual, potent mix of brutal, fast-paced 1950s pulp noir seasoned with a dash of William Burroughs style surrealism and homoerotic undertones."

You can find Nancy Oakes full review of The Syndicate  at Crime Segments, and Eric Petersons' full review at the Internet Review of Books.


TRADE PAPER: First Edition was published in limited run of 500 copies and is available for $14.95 direct through our distributor Itasca Books here.

E-BOOK: Universal link to Kindle, B&N, Kobo, Apple and most other e-vendors here








Internet Review of Books on Cooper's THE SYNDICATE

THE INTERNET REVIEW OF BOOKS  praised Molotov Editions release of Clarence Cooper Jr's The Syndicate as a "lost crime classic found again" in a review by Eric Petersen,  writing that Cooper, "deserves a place alongside his contemporaries James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Ralph Ellison."

"The Syndicate is an old-school noir crime thriller narrated by a killer," writes Peterson, "an unusual, potent mix of brutal, fast-paced 1950s pulp noir seasoned with a dash of William Burroughs style surrealism and homoerotic undertones."

For the full review, visit the INTERNET REVIEW OF BOOKS





5 Books from Molotov Editions: Our Catalogue Now

5 shot color.jpg

The Syndicate, Clarence Cooper, Jr, forthcoming June, 2018; Tzara's Dada Manifesto translated by Shelley Award Winner Gillian Conoley; The Death of Teddy Ballgame, play from bestseller Robert Mailer Anderson; The White Devil, Hammett Prize Winning Molotov Original from Domenic Stansberry; and Stansberry's Edgar Winning The Confession, in e-book for first time.


White Devil UK.jpg
W&N Letterhead.jpg

For Immediate Release


Weidenfeld & Nicolson has acquired an ‘exceptional and compelling’ (Publishers Weekly) noir by celebrated American crime writer Domenic Stansberry, pitched as reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith and Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty.

W&N Commissioning Editor Federico Andornino acquired UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) in The White Devil by Domenic Stansberry from Cullen Stanley at Cullen Stanley International. The ebook edition is available now and W&N will publish in paperback original and audio in July 2018.

The novel is mostly set in Rome and centres on femme fatale Vicki Wilson – or Vittoria, as she’s known in Italy –, a small-time actress who has left behind a dark past in her native Texas to follow her fading writer husband to the Eternal City. Guided by her controlling, obsessive brother Johnny, Vittoria soon enters the upper circles of Roman society, becoming a paparazzi darling and mingling with shady cardinals and corrupt senators. Among them is Paolo Orsini, who quickly falls prey to Vittoria's charms. Too bad he's married; too bad his wife, an aging film icon, is murdered.

From the ravishing beauty of Rome – a city of dark secrets held within the frescoed walls of glamorous palazzos – to the pristine beaches of Malibu and the dangerous alleys of a mysterious South American city, Vittoria finds herself at the heart of a lethal chase, spiralling dangerously out of control.

The White Devil was initially published by Stansberry’s own imprint in the US, and won the Hammett Prize for Best Crime Fiction, as awarded by the International Association of Crime Writers (past winners include Stephen King, Alan Furst and Margaret Atwood).  

Domenic Stansberry is the Edgar Award-winning author of ten novels and a collection of stories. His North Beach Mystery series has won wide praise for its portrayal of the ethnic and political subcultures of San Francisco. Books from that series include The Ancient Rain, named one of the best crime novels of the last decade by Booklist. He lives with his family near San Francisco.

Federico Andornino said: ‘There is something incredibly compelling about Vittoria and The White Devil: you can feel the hot, dangerous atmosphere of Rome’s shadowy streets transpire from each page. Forget the dolce vita and prepare to be transported to a different side of the Eternal City: dark, lethal and completely irresistible.’

Domenic Stansberry said: ‘‘I am thrilled W&N is helping The White Devil make its way back across the Atlantic. I first got inspired to write this novel during a brutishly hot Roman summer, when long-dead Renaissance femme fatale Vittoria Accoramboni  appeared to me in contemporary guise on the back of a Vespa, full of innocence, her head buried in her brother’s shoulder. I have been hooked ever since.

Federico Andornino | Commissioning Editor, The Orion Publishing Group | Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment | London, EC4Y 0DZ




The North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers is pleased to announce that The White Devil, by Domenic Stansberry (Molotov Editions), has been named the winner of the organization's annual HAMMETT PRIZE for a work of literary excellence in the field of crime writing.

The winning title was chosen by a group of three distinguished outside judges: Margot Bettauer Dembo, a professional translator and former winner of the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize; Ron Koltnow, former sales rep for Putnam and Random House and past winner of Publisher’s Weekly Rep of the Year; David Nasaw, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Professor of History at the CUNY Graduate Center whose most recent book is The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize Finalist. The judges selected from among five finalists nominated from the hundreds of crime books published in 2016. 

These five titles were selected by the organization's nominations committee headed by Deen Kogan. 

Other books nominated for the 2016 HAMMETT PRIZE were The Second Life of Nick Mason, by Steve Hamilton (G.P. Putnam's Sons); The Drifter, by Nicholas Petrie (G.P. Putnam's Sons); Revolver, by Duane Swierczynski (Mulholland Books); and The Big Nothing, by Bob Truluck (Murmur House Press

Mr. Stansberry was awarded a bronze trophy, designed by West Coast sculptor, Peter Boiger. 

The award ceremony took place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on October 7, during the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association’s (NAIBA) Fall Conference.


Domenic Stansberry,  The White Devil,  with Nick Petrie, T he Drifter,  and Bob Trulock  The Big Nothing, at   Hammett Prize In Cherry Hill, NJ

Domenic Stansberry, The White Devil, with Nick Petrie, The Drifter, and Bob Trulock The Big Nothing, at  Hammett Prize In Cherry Hill, NJ

Deen Kogan, IACW, presenting award

Deen Kogan, IACW, presenting award

Mary Frisque, Executive Director  ICAW, at award dinner

Mary Frisque, Executive Director  ICAW, at award dinner

Hammett Prize: The Thin Man Statue. designed by Peter Boiger, presented to Domenic Stansberry for  The White Devil.

Hammett Prize: The Thin Man Statue. designed by Peter Boiger, presented to Domenic Stansberry for The White Devil.


Domenic Stansberry's The White Devil, released by Molotov Editions back In October, 2016, has been named for four different awards, including a number of Independent Press Awards, shown above, and is currently a finalist for the prestigious Hammett Prize, along with the Thin Man Trophy, the winner of which will be announced in October, 2017.  




This neo-noir thriller stirred controversy when a dissenting judge on the Edgar Award Committee broke with tradition to condemn the selection of this "amoral" novel for Best Paperback Original.  The novel tells the story of a forensic psychologist accused of strangling his mistress—and does so through the unnerving, charming, intelligent, often unreliable voice of the accused himself. Originally published in mass paper by Hard Case Crime,in 2005,  this e-book edition from Molotov Editions features a cover photo by Peter Rozovsky, author of  the influential blog Detectives Beyond Borders.


Gillian Conoley Receives Shelley Memorial Award for Poetry: NYC

Poet Gillian recieved the Shelley Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America in recognition of a body of work at mid-career, at the National Arts Club in Grammery Park on March 29, 2017.  Molotov Editions is the proud publisher of her recent translation of Tzara's Dada Manifesto, On Feeble Love & Bitter Love, done in limited first edition of 120 copies, signed and numbered.  Gillian is a poet, translator and edtitor,  author of 7 books of poety, including Peace (LA Times Book Finalist), The Plot Genie, Beckon,  and Tall Stranger; translator of Michaux's 1000 Times Breaking, from City Lights; and long time editor of Volt; A Magazine of the Arts.

She is pictured above, left, at the ceremony, along with Susan Howe--winner of the prestigious Frost Medal for lifetime achievement in poetry.   Also shown (below) are  Monica Youn, winner of the William Carlos Williams Award, and Jericho Brown, who won the Lyric Poetry Award.

Others here include friends and poets Dale Going, Katie Lederer, Elena Rivera: visual artist Hawley Hussey; crime novelist Domenic Stansberry, and Molotov Collaborator and Assistant Editor Gillis Flavia Stansberry.   

Also, from the night before, Yusef Komunyakka, past Shelley Memorial Award winner, with Gillian at the Zinc Bar near NYU.

2017-03-29 21.07.46-1.jpg

Pachanga Music Bash @ People's Mansion, SF, for Los Cenzontles

Linda Ronstandt together with Molotov Author Robert Mailer Anderson co-hosted musical bash featuring David Hidalgo of Los Lobos and rocker Dave Alvin to benefit Los Cenzontles: a school of arts and culture for young people, with special focus on contemporary manifestations of native and ancient traditions in music and the arts with roots in Mexico and Latin America.  

Highlights below.  Photos by Beth Stansberry.


Los Cenzonteles Folk Band, using native instrumentation (see below)

Playing percusion on goat's jaw.

Playing percusson on goat's jaw.  Real goat, real jaw.

Linda Ronstandt with Eugene Rodriquez, co-founder and musical director of Los Cenzontles, a community school operating out of the  East Bay, in San Pablo and Richmond area for 20 years.  Linda is a long time supporter.  Los Cenzontles is a band, school, community hang out, and attracts musicians working in rock/polka/Cal-Tex-Mex traditoins to its Pachjanga jams from all over the country.   

Dave Alvin (of Border Radio fame) playing "Fourth of July" with David Hidalgo of Los Lobos  and Eugene Hernandez (right) and accordian player Flaco Jimenez (left). Pete Sears is on piano (Jefferson Starship). 

 During the later jam bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Jay Walsh and saxman Patrick Wolff (Patrick Wolff Trio) joined in.


World Famous Molotov Editions Photographer Beth Stansberry with poet and translator Gillian Conoley (works including--among many others-- On Feeble Love & Bitter Love, a fresh annihilation of dada manifesto by Tristan Tzara--just released from the infinite vaults of Molotov Editions)

Robert Mailer Anderson on stage with daughter Frances singing vocals, with back-up from Dave Hidago of Los Lobos and Los Cenzonteles Pachanga Jam musicians

Genuine Victrola: wind-up device that plays early recordings surpisingly loud with no use of electricity whatsoever. A purely mechanical device from before the electric era which piped music into the room before the concert itself began. 



Others piped in and dancing, wandering through the Pachanga dancing included the blessed and obscure, the divine and the bedridden, the holy and the forgotten, animals and dogs, some pictured above and others lost in the crowd: actors Edward James Olmos and Mykelti Williamson; sax player Joshua Redma; teachers and artists Lorena Oropeza and Astrid Rodriguez; former NAACP President Benjamin Jealous;  photographers Jim Goldberg and Allesandra Sanguinetti; , Paul Pelosi; Oscar Villalon (Zyzzva); Mary Ladd; Peter Marvelis (City Lights Books); Julie Lindow; Peter Kaufman; Gina of Miami (whose Chicago father is renowned Karate sensei), Gina's sister in the wild pink skirt; and variois members of the Anderson-Miner clan together with Molotov collaborators from Ukiah  to San Leandro who remain unidenitfied by design or happenstance in the shadows.  


WHITE DEVIL shortlisted for Hammett Prize

Domenic Stansberry's The WHITE DEVIL  has been shorlisted for the 2017 HAMMETT PRIZE... the annual award for best novel from the International Association of Crime Writers . . . Previous winners include Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, Alice Hoffman, George Pelecanos. . . . This year's finalists:

The Second Life of Nick Mason, by Steve Hamilton (G.P. Putnam's Sons)
The Drifter, by Nicholas Petrie (G.P. Putnam's Sons)
The White Devil, by Domenic Stansberry (Molotov Editions)
Revolver, by Duane Swierczynki (Mulholland Books)
The Big Nothing, by Bob Truluck (Murmur House Press)

The winner, tba in October, will receive the ThIn Man Trophy, designed by sculptor Peter Bolger

Read more

Inside Out(side): Hawley Hussey & Bill Brovold, Alleycat Gallery, SF

Hussey and Brovold juxtapose the outer and inner in SF Alleycat Gallery Show intermingling  Hussey's Hanging Botanicals with Brovold's Peephole Boxes and Magical Instruments.

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Wildflower Botanical Paintings and Woodcuts: Hawley Hussey

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Photo Domenic Stansberry

Brovold's Peephole Boxes alongside Hussey's Wildflower Hangings.  The Peephole Boxes give glimpses into inner worlds: Backyard Croquet: Disco Constellations: Fred Flintstone Receding into Infinity.

LEFT BELOW: Musical Instrument: Hollowed Tree, Piano/Guitar Strings wiht Frets:  on wood stand played spontaneously with help of pivot device: Brovold  

(Photos: Domenic Stansberry)

RIGHT ABOVE Detail Botanical Painting, Hussey.  

LEFT TO RIGHT: Detail Wildflower Woodcut: Peephole into Hanging Room; Wildflower Painting: Marbles Rolling Down Strings in Hollow Tree Instrument

Opening Night at Alleycat Gallery, on 24th Street In San Francisco's Mission District, behind Alleycat Books.


 All photos Domenic Stansberry


DECEMBER NEWSLETTER: from Molotov Editions

News and reviews of Mololov Editions and our various endeavors, including our books, theatrical productions, and dada annihilations. 




Stansberry nails the sultry, decadent, and erotically charged tone with one perfectly placed hammer stroke after another.   Booklist (Bill Ott)

Perhaps the most surprising feature of this tour de force is its pervasive links to both Jacobean tragedy and contemporary Mediterranean noir. Who knew? --Kirkus

 Edgar-winner Stansberry takes the reader on a wild ride in this exceptional noir . . . compelling reading.   Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

 Gripping from beginning to end, The White Devil is an unforgettable novel by an author at the height of his powers.   Foreword Reviews (Claire Foster)

Domenic Stansberry, author of The White Devil

Domenic Stansberry, author of The White Devil

 Anything but staid or predictable . . . keeps readers guessing, entertained, and thoroughly immersed.  Midwest Book Review

 With its down-to-the-bone, spare prose style, … and scenes that would not be out of place in a Fellini classic, The White Devil is quite simply perfect in its execution. UK Raven Crime

A really good book [and]  very haunting story . . .   Human nature is so bizarre sometimes, and here, its dark side is writ very large.  Crime Segments




Since it’s publication by Molotov Editions in October—and with advance fanfare from Leah Garchik at the SF Chronicle—Robert Mailer Anderson’s new play, The Death of Teddy Ballgame, has been staged to jazz accompaniment, under the direction of Jon Moscone (former director Cal Shakespeare), at the Henderson Lab at the SF Jazz Center; at the Yerba Buena Center with Broadway actor and screen star Shiloh Fernandez; and in a one night staged reading forthcoming at the Clark Gallery.  All to packed houses, standing room only.   More news on future stagings as events unfurl.




Fresh translation/annihilation of Tzara’s famous dada manifesto by Gillian Conoley.  Published in limited edition on the occasion of the Dada World Fair in San Francisco, staged as benediction on opening day of the fair at City Lights.  Conoley is author of 8 books of poetry, LA Times Book Award Finalist for Peace,  translator of Henri Michaux’s A Thousand Times Broken.  Innovative in a fantastic way . . .. .  smart, talented, perceptive.  Huffington Post on Gillian Conoley


Anesthetics & the Unconscious

A cooperative study on the nature of consciousness—between  the University of São Paulo and the University of Wisconsin(Madison)—appears to indicatethat unconsciousness is what happens when different parts of the brain can’t connect: 

"The [reserachers]  compared the brain activity of patients from the full spectrum of consciousness — awake, asleep, drugged with anesthetics, in comas or suffering from “locked-in syndrome,” in which the body appears trapped in a comalike state but the brain is active and aware. "